Look a Little Closer

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Can you see?

What do you see?

Do you see as much as me?

Turn down the light,

Tone down the glare,

Soften the colours

Try not to stare.

If I close my eyes

Is it still around,

The tree in the forest

Making no sound.

You cannot see

There is nothing you see

You will never see as much as me.

There is none so blind

So the proverb says

As Those that cannot see.

Moonlight at Castle Howard


Moonlight at Castle Howard

My second home!

Castle Howard is 10 minutes from where we live,  we visit regularly and have taken the children there since they were small. They are now adults and we visited at Christmas where I captured this shot at moonlight. It is beautiful  in every season.

The Snow Cat shows his Inner Dog


Max, let loose in the newly fallen snow overnight was a joy to see. He ran around at such a speed, swerving, jumping, pouncing, like a child full of wonder at this new strange world. Climbing trees and knocking off the snow from the branches, diving under the bushes and clearly having a blast.

You think that cats show no expression? Then you are havent seen this cat in the snow. It was clear to see the fun and amusement on his feline face and his eagerness to get me to play. The photo shows him pouncing on a bit of snow I had just thrown. He acts more like a dog than a cat but perhaps his shadow shows his alter ego!