7th March – Not Just Another Day – My Birthday!

dog birthday

I was born at approximately 1.30 PM on this day many many years ago at home, as was normal in caveman times. As I was spat out of the womb my mother screamed at the midwife and kicked her in the stomach. My fathers first reaction on seeing me was ‘Ooh another boy!’ (he was wrong!) whilst throwing the placenta onto the open fire! (The details I have been regailed with over the years)
So began the first day of my life on this earth, I could go on but fast forwards lots of years, many events later and 3 beautiful children of my own I find my self once again on  the day of my birth, that auspicious of days, the 7th March. Only this time it is the 50th time it has occurred. Yes half a century, that sounds old! I don’t feel old but its the oldest I’ve ever been and the adverts on TV are now tauntingly inviting me to save for funeral costs and take out life insurance. Gosh I can even get a FREE Parker pen with one. What an incentive! I can even now join in the frivolities of a SAGA holiday and be the youngest there!

My brother sent me a greeting ‘Welcome to Hawaii!’ I had no idea what he was talking about and thought that since he’s older than me senility had taken place. However, after about a minute I got it! Hawaii 5 O! Yes you’d have to actually be over 50 to get this joke and to have even heard of this TV series. But it made me laugh! Would go down a treat at a SAGA holiday.

However when all is said and done I do not feel 50 (however that is supposed to feel).  I will continue ripping it up at the gym, skiing, horse riding and water skiing when ever possible, travelling the world, trying new things and riding the biggest baddest rollercoasters I can find. I may draw the line at a bungee jump but do not rule out a parachute jump. Can you still be a bit of an adrenaline junkie at 50? Oh yes YOLO! (over 50’s look it up) and more than half of it may be over, so YOLO to the Max!

After all 50 is the new 40 and since I probably feel about 28  then I am sure it all adds up perfectly, never was good with numbers and basically that’s ALL it is, a number! Cheers x



Happy New Start!

DSC_0045Ok here is the last installment of my Dry January saga. Just a very brief one as I have covered the month-long journey in my previous posts and as they say it’s the journey not the arriving that counts.

Midnight tonight is the official end of my abstinence from alcohol and it has been a loooong month, no, actually it HAS because there are 5 weeks rather than 4 in January!  I have totted how much I have saved by not drinking and donated to Alcohol Concern. I hope that by my and many others endeavours this month we have raised awareness of an ongoing increasing problem worldwide.

It has certainly made me aware of my own drinking patterns and given me a kick-start in re-establishing more healthy habits. January is a dull depressing month at the best of times (if you are in the UK) and it felt doubly so at times but now I am here and the Champagne that I didn’t drink on New Years Day is still chilling in the fridge (you see I DO have willpower!) Maybe it will keep for next year, either way,  a little late but as of  tomorrow the 1st of February I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a HAPPY NEW START!