Guest Post: Alanna’s South-East Asia Adventure – Pre Departure Plans

Wow sounds like quite a journey

The Travelista

The person I have to thank for my love of travel is my Dad. From a young age, my Dad took me, my sisters and my mum on the most exotic and amazing holidays. So it comes as no shock that both of my sisters have also been bitten by the travel bug. My younger sister, Alanna, has just finished her second year of University in Bath and is about to embark on a South-East Asia Adventure this summer. Alanna will be recording her adventures with a guest column on The Travelista Blog and will be reporting back to us every week. But enough from me, here’s what the mini-Travelista has to say about her trip!

alanna-travelista-blog2 Meet my sister Alanna!

Part 1 – Pre-departure excitement!

Summer is here and I am finally free from university, so I had to ask myself the question on every students mind around this time of year – what the…

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