First Time in First Class – Air Mauritius

If you ever wondered what it might be like in First Class Air travel. Experience it by proxy here with The Travelistas Blog

The Travelista

I love travelling, but I’m the kinda gal who wants to get as far as possible for as cheap as possible. To me, I’m prepared to contort myself into an inhumane living space for a 12hr flight if it’ll save me a few bob. I think to myself, the money I saved by going ‘cattle class’ will allow me to experience more once I reach my destination.  So when I was on a press trip back from Mauritius, I was thrilled to discover that our ‘press’ party had been upgraded to First Class thanks to Air Mauritius. Travel Perk #63094

The first class experience began well before take off. Our tickets gave us access to the VIP area in the departure lounge, which was full of comfy sofas, pastries, refreshments and a few alarmingly well fed businessmen. As a bunch of travel journos used to budget flights, we all…

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