Happy New Start!

DSC_0045Ok here is the last installment of my Dry January saga. Just a very brief one as I have covered the month-long journey in my previous posts and as they say it’s the journey not the arriving that counts.

Midnight tonight is the official end of my abstinence from alcohol and it has been a loooong month, no, actually it HAS because there are 5 weeks rather than 4 in January!  I have totted how much I have saved by not drinking and donated to Alcohol Concern. I hope that by my and many others endeavours this month we have raised awareness of an ongoing increasing problem worldwide.

It has certainly made me aware of my own drinking patterns and given me a kick-start in re-establishing more healthy habits. January is a dull depressing month at the best of times (if you are in the UK) and it felt doubly so at times but now I am here and the Champagne that I didn’t drink on New Years Day is still chilling in the fridge (you see I DO have willpower!) Maybe it will keep for next year, either way,  a little late but as of  tomorrow the 1st of February I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a HAPPY NEW START!


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