Guest Post: Alanna’s South-East Asia Adventure – Pre Departure Plans

Wow sounds like quite a journey

The Travelista

The person I have to thank for my love of travel is my Dad. From a young age, my Dad took me, my sisters and my mum on the most exotic and amazing holidays. So it comes as no shock that both of my sisters have also been bitten by the travel bug. My younger sister, Alanna, has just finished her second year of University in Bath and is about to embark on a South-East Asia Adventure this summer. Alanna will be recording her adventures with a guest column on The Travelista Blog and will be reporting back to us every week. But enough from me, here’s what the mini-Travelista has to say about her trip!

alanna-travelista-blog2 Meet my sister Alanna!

Part 1 – Pre-departure excitement!

Summer is here and I am finally free from university, so I had to ask myself the question on every students mind around this time of year – what the…

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Bike ride From Sledmere House – Preparation for Europe!

As we are preparing for our cyle trip through the Netherlands and Belgium we had a training ride from the beautiful Sledmere House and back.This was a hilly 17 miles but we will be doing between 20 and 40 miles a day next week.

We will take the bikes on the ferry to Rotterdam then down the ramp and off we go, destination Zeebruge – The long way round! Carrying all our gear in panniers is a bit of a challenge but we have done it before so I can be minimalist!.

So here are some taster pics from Sledmere House in Yorkshire. More to come of our Netherlands/Belgium trip when we get back!

DSC_0021_edited-1DSC_0002  DSC_0025_edited-1IMG_1919 IMG_1908 IMG_1909 IMG_1913

There is something about Horses..


There is something about animals in general, dogs, cats, all animals but to me there is something extra special about horses. They are elegant, beautiful, patient, loyal, forgiving, powerful and perfectly engineered specimens of nature.

I have always been connected to horses in someway. When I was really young all I wanted was a pony, I poured over breeds of horse books and every time I wished upon a star or full moon it was for exactly that. My dream seemed impossible, about as far as that moon and star were away from little me staring up at them. None of my family had any interest or link with horses. I had a few riding lessons so that my parents would shut me up for a while but it didn’t last long due to money restraints or parent boredom. It only  reinforced my dream.

I never did owned that pony but I kept wishing on that old moon/star, (it sometimes takes a while for wishes to come true you know. Never give up) I never gave up! Then late into my 40’s I finally realised the dream and took charge of 1, and then a few more of these incredible creatures (you can’t just have 1!)

For the last few years I have been horseless once again and I just know something has been missing in my life – I had not been on a horse for about 5 years but last month I went into the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors and booked a ride. I felt a bit rusty but 5 minutes in it all came back and I felt I had never been away. Today I have one again returned and loved every moment. These beautiful, gentle, creatures are calming, exciting, and enlightening and I love having a silent dialogue with them as I ride and get to know a new horse. I can only say I feel I am home!

They say a great horse-person can hear a horse whisper, a fantastic horse-person can hear a horse think and they do so like a chat! Image



The Unbreakable Bond

My daughter has just been shortlisted for the Cosmo blog awards for best travel blog ‘The Travelista. Needless to say I am very proud of her achievements so I am reblogging this poem I wrote about my wonderful 3 daughters.

Denim Fish

There is an unseen link that binds

As strong as iron and thick as concrete,

Yet sensitive as a butterflies wings.

It can never be broken and will never go away,

Unspoken words heard loud and clear,

A look, a sigh, an ‘I’m OK’.

The knowing, the feeling, intense and clear.

I hear you. I feel you. I see you.

Though a mile or a thousands are in between

It will never weaken and never fade.

Your hopes and fears are mine

Your sadness and trials I feel.

Through bad words and good,

It goes one way and so it should

It is called the bond of Motherhood!images

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First Time in First Class – Air Mauritius

If you ever wondered what it might be like in First Class Air travel. Experience it by proxy here with The Travelistas Blog

The Travelista

I love travelling, but I’m the kinda gal who wants to get as far as possible for as cheap as possible. To me, I’m prepared to contort myself into an inhumane living space for a 12hr flight if it’ll save me a few bob. I think to myself, the money I saved by going ‘cattle class’ will allow me to experience more once I reach my destination.  So when I was on a press trip back from Mauritius, I was thrilled to discover that our ‘press’ party had been upgraded to First Class thanks to Air Mauritius. Travel Perk #63094

The first class experience began well before take off. Our tickets gave us access to the VIP area in the departure lounge, which was full of comfy sofas, pastries, refreshments and a few alarmingly well fed businessmen. As a bunch of travel journos used to budget flights, we all…

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